“Horizon: An American Saga”

Kevin Costner is well-qualified to undertake “Horizon – An American Saga,” given his extensive experience and success with films exploring American history, particularly the American West. Costner’s dedication to authenticity and storytelling, as seen in his works such as “Dances with Wolves” and “Open Range,” demonstrates his capability to handle the complexities and nuances of this historical period.

The Civil War in the West is a rich and complex chapter of American history that deserves greater attention and understanding. By exploring the territorial conflicts, Native American involvement, strategic importance, and critical battles, we gain a more comprehensive view of the impact of the Civil War on the nation. Recognizing that men and women who moved East to West during the 19th century faced unique challenges and contributed significantly to the development of the frontier; as they forged ahead in harsh environmental lawless conditions that played a role in shaping their experiences.

As Executive Director of Historic Georgetown, situated in the heart of a National Historic Landmark District in Colorado, I often encounter visitors and students who are convinced that the Civil War was only fought in Gettysburg, Antietam, and Atlanta, and not in the western Territory’s. Georgetown, Colorado is still a Territorial Charter Municipality, the only one in the state.

Kevin Costner’s “HORIZON” promises to contribute to the portrayal of American history in film. By attending the movie #1 and engaging with the content thoughtfully, audiences can support this ambitious project and gain a deeper understanding of our American West. As citizens, giving attention to such works honors the effort and experts on the Civil War in the West, to engage our community and foster a deeper appreciation of this area of our history.

The Devil’s Gate History evenings, sponsored by Historic Georgetown, Inc., would like to discuss the film with community members. We will follow up with specific dates and times.

Nancy S. Hale

Executive Director

305 Argentine Street – P.O. Box 667

Georgetown, Colorado 80444