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Home of the Hamill House Museum and Alpine Hose #2 Museum

       In early 2015, routine inspection of the Hamill House revealed some concerning structural issues throughout the museum.  Executive Director Nancy Hale immediately sprang into action and applied for a structural assessment grant through the State Historical Fund.  Shortly after being awarded the grant, HGI hired architects Tim and Kris Hoehn to complete the assessment and provide HGI with a comprehensive list of needed repairs within the house.  In the meantime, foreseeing the vast scope of work ahead, HGI began various fundraising efforts, including "Paving the Way for Restoration," which is ongoing, a summer picnic and auction, "First Friday's" on the Lawn, and a Seed Savers exchange.


       There is no doubt that HGI is faced with a monumental task over the next several years, but saving this beautiful historic gem is well worth it.  If you would like to get involved in this project, please consider donating to our Restoration Project. 


Hamill House Restoration Project.

Front Hall

Parlor--Scaffolding holding up ceiling.